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By admin / May 7, 2018

5 Design Tips for Building Brand Identity in Web

Online presence is a big component of your company’s brand identity. Visual elements on a site, like colors and fonts, convey a tone that helps users understand your business.When your company’s website is consistent with its brand identity, it creates continuity. Continuity is important for building trust. Being harmonious with brand identity across all platforms will instill confidence in users. Let’s take a look at some of the ways different design elements can be used to create consistency on your website.

Here are 5 design tips for building your brand identity:

1. Color

Color has a big influence in the overall brand identity and tone of a site. Bright, saturated colors are exciting while muted, toned down colors tend to have a serious, matter-of-fact tone. The examples below illustrate the effect color has on the overall emotion a site conveys. A Mexican street food restaurant’s website color palette is going to be drastically different than that of a law firm’s.

2. Fonts

Another way to your brand identity with your website is with typefaces. Will big, chunky fonts be appropriate for what you’re trying to convey or will light, clean typefaces be more inline with branding efforts? The bright, bold font on this loom site let’s visitors know they can expect to have a fun time if they take a class here, while a light, minimal font works well on a photographer’s site where the emphasis needs to be on images.

3. Imagery

The use of imagery on a site has a major influence on a site’s brand identity. Large photos will present a professional look while icons and hand drawn illustrations are a fun and cheeky approach. The imagery used on your site will tell users a lot about the your company.

4. Functionality

Should your website be traditional and easy to use? Or should it implement new interactive elements to engage users? The way a website functions can communicate to users that your company is classic and established or innovative and exciting. Focussing on building a functionality for your website that fits your target audience will help you further establish your brand identity on your website.

5. Overall Style

The combination of colors, fonts, imagery and functionality create the encompassing experience a user will have while visiting a site. Your users experience and how your site makes them feel will directly effect how they perceive your brand. Making sure all of these elements line up to create an overall style will help you establish a strong brand identity you can use in other aspects of your business’s message.

Take Away

Your website is one of many opportunities to showcase your company to potential clients. Having a consistent brand identity across all of your marketing platforms, including your website, will create continuity and help establish your brand. Using web design elements like colors and imagery can help tell your company’s story and build brand loyalty. Keeping some of the tips outlined above will help you reach your goals with your website.

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